Sep 29, 2010

Easiest Ways to Mix Like a DJ

If you have ever wondered how to mix like a DJ you will learn soon enough. DJ's have a very difficult job and you should admire their skills greatly.
First, you will need a music mixer software for you to start mixing. There are a lot of music mixer software online; you have got to choose carefully though.
After you purchase your music mixer software, head to a local music store. Try to pick one that is your favorite and has music that you actually like. Select two great tracks. Not one, but two. Make sure it is not too complicated otherwise you will get in over your head with trying to mix it.
Now you will need to go someplace with a DJ setup. This may be your home, a friend's, or your teachers. Make sure everything is set up correctly. Hopefully by now you have at least tested it and you know generally at least one thing about it. (After this information sets in you may also want to look on YouTube at the DJ Learning Videos. It may help the picture in your head and may help you improve.)
Put both records onto the decks. (Not your deck outside! The decks on the DJ station.) Set the cross spinner in the middle so you can hear the records together. Pick a record and start it spinning.
Now listen to your record. Listen to the beat. Does it even have a good bass beat? If not you need a new record. Otherwise you will have trouble all the way through. Take your finger and start spinning it in reverse to the beat. Pause this record and start spinning the other one. As the beat gets closer you need to start the other deck also. Then as the beat gets there you need to drop the deck. The beats will start together and sound great.
This may have resulted in disaster. DO NOT WORRY! This is pretty common. Just start again and keep on trying otherwise you will not get it. If you got it on the first try, then good job to you! Keep on practicing this easy piece until you master it and feel confident enough to go onto the harder stuff. I recommend that when you do feel confident enough you should go to the music store and ask which record or records they suggest you try next so you do not get in over your head. Good luck and make sure that you start easy and then progress. I hope you become an amazing mixer.
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