Sep 26, 2010

Promoting Your Band - Is It Easy?

Are you looking to promote your band without having to pay a band promoter thousands of dollars in order to do that? Well, you have come to the right place. In this article you will learn three easy steps to show you how you can promote your band on YouTube without all the money involved.
You will need to build a landing page for your band. This may sound harder than it really is; all you have to do is set up a free account on a site such as Blogger to create a page for the band.
If you get an auto-touch account for around 10 dollars a month, your followers will get an automatic communication from you with you doing anything. You would have money well spent on a service like this.
You should have a short video promo and right below you auto-touch HTML code. This way visitors to your site can click on it or enter their email information to receive more videos such as the one they see. This is how they will get auto-responders how every often you have it set.
Post a video of your band on YouTube. Record your band performing and post that video on YouTube. On the video you want to have your blogs domain name where the auto-responder is set up.
The end of the video, put your domain name and say something like, if you want to hear more of our music, visit this page and enter your info. People will give their email address and this way they become your followers or your fans for all your upcoming videos and info.
Once you have a list of fans email addresses, you can set up your auto-response emails. You should have info sent out at least once a week. Send out promotions for your music, merchandise and even free stuff. Your fans will enjoy hearing from you.
It doesn't have to be hard to promote your bands music, it will just take a little imagination. One day when your band is huge and making all the money, you can pay a band promoter and manager to do all of this for you.

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