Sep 30, 2010

Favorite Classical Wedding Music and Traditions

For any culture, wedding ceremonies play an important part of our heritage. They hold many traditions that have been handed down and built upon for generations. In this modern society, especially in western cultures, wedding ceremonies are often celebrated on different venues such as the beaches, parks, riverbanks and even at a sports stadium but for a more traditional setting, church wedding are still popular for couples. Apart from the theme and location of your wedding ceremony, a properly chosen and meaningful music in your wedding program can add to the overall feel of your ceremony giving it a touch of class. The perfect music will also facilitate in creating a quixotic and festive ambiance that can be timeless and be remembered by your guests.
In traditional church weddings generally choose songs that belong to the classical music genre, popular classical wedding music are those composed by Mendelssohn, Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert.
Classical music has a vast range of music repertoire, most couples choose songs and compositions belonging to the Romantic Period (1828-1900), though there are pieces by Mozart of the classical period and Pachelbel of the Baroque period that are among the crowd favorites. Such diversity may mean that in most occasion, theme or location it is possible to be able to choose songs that appeals to the couple's taste and personality.
Here are some of the rationales in selecting classical wedding music for your nuptial celebration:
Mood and Tempo.
Classical music can be solemn, mysterious, romantic and passionate. If you consider playing a slow classical music, this would set your guests' moods to be more conscientious during the most important part of the ceremony ensuring that all attention is focused on the couple. While fast songs would prompt guests to be on a festive mood and celebrate this joyous event with the newly-weds.
Classical songs are meaningful and evocative, having the perfect song selection and play list can add to the importance and value of your wedding day that will be remembered for a lifetime. Classical music has a distinct characteristic that can invoke your guests into being part of the ceremony. Selecting the perfect songs is vital as the newly weds will associate such songs to their wedding every time the song is played.

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