Oct 1, 2010

Types of Meditation Music

Meditation is a technique that one uses to calm the mind and live a peaceful life. It also assists in motivating a person, managing mental stresses and lifting up emotional and physical states in people.
Back-ground music during meditation is not compulsory. Such music could be listened to, played or hymned to create the necessary ambience. Since there are many techniques used in meditation, there are as many varieties of music also. Some of the musical types available are:
Classical: This music is soothing and comforting to hear. People find it easy to concentrate more effectively. Some such tunes include compositions by Ludwig Van Beethoven, Markus Stocker, Mozart, Abbey Simon and so on.
Georgian chant and primordial sound: Here, singing is practiced in a low tone. Many religious people have been using this for centuries. Most of these tunes have been coined in the period 900-1300 A.D. Primordial sounds are used to set the correct mindset post meditation. 'Om' is the most popular sound.
Sounds from nature: Meditation is best done in the natural surroundings like hilltops, gardens or forests along with their natural sounds which are regarded the best for a peaceful mind. Music tapes and CDs are available which will allow people to have the same ambience of sound along with classical music in their living rooms.
Instrumental music: Soft music played on instruments like piano, violin, chimes, flutes or harps are best suited for meditation.
Christian music: This is a blend of instrumental and Christian music used during prayer time in churches. One can use the same even while offering prayers at home.

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