Oct 3, 2010

Underneath the Bad-Girl Image Lindsay Lohan Is a Talented Recording Artist

Lindsay Lohan Songs aren't played much on the radio today. However America's bad-girl still finds a way to make news on the radio. Today Lindsay Lohan is known less for her singing and acting and more for her partying lifestyle.
Lindsay started her big career in Disney's remake of The Parent Trap. This movie was just a springboard for her career. Soon not only was she starring in movies, but she was also singing on the sound track. The was several years where America's little princess could do no wrong.
Lindsay's teenage years were rough for her. If Lindsay's music video, 'Over' was any indication of her time at home with her family it must have been very traumatic. The music video features her hiding in the bathroom. The video also stars her little sister Ali Lohan praying with a rosary. An actor playing Lindsay's mother and father, Dina and Michael Lohan are shown arguing in the living room. This is all taking place in a department store window with people watching from the street.
In all Lindsay has released 2 albums and another has stalled as of recently. She also has had 8 singles released with a couple making it to the billboard 100.
Lindsay undoubtedly has overcome some very rough emotions in her young life and it is obvious she still has some rough road ahead of her. Often times people do forget how much of a talent is being put to waste. In time hopefully Lindsay Lohan can overcome her addictions and get back to entertaining America the right way.
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