Oct 4, 2010

What You Need To Know Before Learning Guitar

You might be reading this article because you have decided that you want to start learning the guitar, or that someone you know has decided to. Playing guitar is very rewarding and it does look pretty easy to do when you watch other people play. The truth is that it is not that hard to play guitar, if you are ready to accept one thing. It takes time, practice and dedication to learn. Don't expect to pick up the guitar and instantly become Jimi Hendrix - it never works like that.
The best way to start to learn is to get some lessons from a qualified teacher but sometimes this can be a problem in itself. You need to make sure that they have lots of experience, have got a properly recognised qualification (in teaching guitar) and have the interests of the student at heart, not a desire to make money from you.
The problem with some guitar tutors is that they only teach one style or method. Classical as opposed to chords for example. If you have an idea of what kind of music you would like to play, before you look for a teacher, you will be better prepared to choose the right one. Most new players would like to learn how to play chords, rather than fingerpicking melodies. Or perhaps the student would like to learn how to read and write music, so they can start producing their own songs? Most kids want to be able to play rock music and blistering solos until their parents ears bleed. But what ever your motivation is to play the guitar, finding the right teacher for the job is very important and can make or break the learning process.
Some people might decide that getting a guitar teacher is a little beyond them when they start and choose to teach themselves. This is very possible and can be very rewarding. In fact, some of the best guitarists in the world are self-taught - so there is your evidence that it works. There are plenty of websites and resources on the Internet that a student can learn from. Some contain video instruction, whilst others will give you the chords to play along to your favorite songs. Have a look around and see what you can find - there is something for everybody.
There are also plenty of books available to someone who is learning the guitar. Unless the player is a child, I would recommend getting a book that has well-known songs in, rather than small melodies that are played on one or two strings. If you know the songs, which will most likely be simple songs by The Beatles or folk style ballads, it will make playing that much more enjoyable, especially if you are an older student.

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