Oct 7, 2010

Michael In Foreverland - A New Tribute Book on Michael Jackson's World

These three words: Michael In Foreverland - are all over the Google and Yahoo Search Engines. A story about Michael Jackson's extraordinary life. A life full of adventures and wonderment.
Michael Jackson was a True Humanitarian who truly cared about Planet Earth, the Animals and Children. He envisioned his World to be as he created his World and shared it with only those who BELIEVED!!
Michael Jackson's Earth Song was like the Avatar movie, where the Navi people were very sad when their Home Tree was destroyed. They were brave and fought to the very end. Even the Animals fought back to save their land.
If we all saw the World through Michael's eyes - we would see Beauty all around. A World of Peace, Love and Harmony. Michael loved to laugh and smile. He was curious about the World around him and had a childlike enthusiasm for life that most of us lose when we grow up into Adulthood. He loved Disneyland, for his world was much the same.
Michael's closest friends that stood by him and who believed in him were Elizabeth Taylor, Brooke Shields and Lisa Marie Presley.
In Michael In Foreverland, you will take a journey into Michael's World and get a glimpse of his Genius Mind. Michael believed in legends and fairytales. He loved to read books and to watch old classic movies with Humprey Bogart.
And although Michael Jackson is no longer with us, he will live in our hearts forever. Michael will stay young forever and live forever in "Michael In Foreverland." The World is a better place because of the contributions that he made through his songs.

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