Oct 17, 2010

Recording Studio Software - Mixing House Music

I want to spend my lifetime loving you listening to such a remarkable music production, sounds great. What about your own creativity guys? Friends! If you also feel like to produce some ever memorable production, then get up, no more worries, indeed they are going to be ended in a while. Here, is the solution and the ever great music creation tool; the recording studio software. Now you are soon going to become a master-mind in the vicinity of music creation.
Today, with the development of computer and IT, it is no more a big challenge to make your own studio for recording. It is recommended to use this studio software especially for those who can't afford the cost to make a dedicated room for recording. The advantage of such recording software is that its portable since it's a software. Just install it in to your systems and make the whole system shift able anywhere you want. You don't need a dedicated room for this. Even if you have decided to perform live in shows to gain popularity, then there, you will definitely require a music system. If it were not a portable one, you would have to suffer a lot to make them shift to the performing stage. But friends! The recording studio software has made it so simple for you.
The whole system is so simple. The things you need have greatly been reduced. You only need this software, being installed in your computer system. The only hardware component is the microphone and its interface. So just record the voice, guitars etc separately and mix them later according to the harmony of the song.
So you are going to perform live in a show? That's nice and somewhat impressive. But will you do it with the old systems? If yes, then you are going to suffer a lot. So make the things simpler and easy to use and to carry with. Besides studio recording, you can also record the live performances and selling them to gain money.
Money always echoes cool if you are gaining it. The same word sounds sometimes irritating when you are losing them. So to gain the money more efficiently just employ the recording studio software. Friends! Just go and rock the stage on live performance to make your fans.

Oct 12, 2010

Learn to Play Guitar - The Right Amp for You

When learning to play the guitar it is always helpful to use the best quality equipment that you can afford. Having a good quality guitar played through a poor quality amplifier will not sound very good. On the other hand, having a poor quality guitar played through a good quality amp will sound a whole lot better.Each type of amplifier has it's own strengths and its own weaknesses. There are basically 4 different types of amps tube,solid state,hybrid and modeling amplifiers.
Tube Amplifiers are the first of these and have been in use the longest. All the other types have been modeled after the tube amp. Glass vacuum tubes in its power and pre-amp sections gives these amps a warm natural tone and has a great deal of sustain and power. One of the problems with this type is that over time the tubes wear out and the sound quality may change. The tubes also retain a lot of voltage and may need a technician to change and dispose of the tubes.
Solid state amplifiers do not have parts that will wear out as easily as tube amps and therefore will sound the same each time they are turned on. Transistors as opposed to tubes in the pre-amp section are what power a solid state amp. The use of transistors make this type more reliable, however you may lose some of the tone. It is generally a little grittier and a bit more sterile on the lead and overdrive tones. Solid state amps tend to be less expensive than tube amps.
In order to replicate the tone of the tube amp a Hybrid was developed that uses a tube pre-amp section combined with a solid state power section. The hybrid amplifiers cost a little more than a solid state amp but are generally less expensive than a good quality tube amp.
The fourth type is the Modelling amp. With a built-in digital processor these amps can replicate the many sound set ups of different amps, cabinets, mic placements and even the sound of different rooms. They come with a large amount of guitar effects built-in as well as a digital tuner and a direct line for recording purposes. Using a foot control, you can switch from one effect to another very easily. Although they don't quite have the same sound as a tube amp, they are getting closer and closer with each new development.
That's the 4 types of amps and each has it's pluses and minuses. Whether it be cost or quality of tone there is definitely one that is right for any guitar player.

Oct 10, 2010

No More MySpace Free Tunes?

The word is out that the companies who control MySpace Music are looking at changing the site into a paid subscription model. Is this really any surprise, considering the fact it's operated by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. in conjunction with the four major record labels? Murdoch's been an avid proponent of making users pay for online media content for sometime, and we all know how reticent the big labels have been to embrace anything that doesn't involve monetization when it comes to the distribution of music files.
While MySpace itself has been struggling to retain its relevance in the social network milieu, losing the battle big time to sites like Facebook and Twitter for the hearts and minds of the critical teen to 30-something demographic, its MySpace Music offspring has never lived up to its promise of becoming an entertainment hub.
Morphing itself into some kind of Facebook wannabe and losing heaps of money in the process obviously wasn't the answer for MySpace. To add injury to insult, because they've lost ground with Web users to other sites their ad revenue from Google Ads is likely to go way down once their current deal with that Internet behemoth runs out soon. And the ad-supported online music service option they might have considered, in which users are forced to endure advertisements before being able to stream or download "free" song files, is probably a non-starter given that virtually every site that's tried such a model has failed and disappeared.
So, now they figure they've got a better chance to gain traction by replacing MySpace Music with a subscription service? Well, good luck to them.
While I don't give them much chance of success whatever route they take, the good news for all music loving plebes, both in and outside the industry, is that MySpace Music is a non-essential piece of the digital music landscape. And if, as is promised, they keep the social networking aspect of Mother MySpace intact and continue to give artists the ability to stream file samples and video clips to users for free, then all will be right with at least one corner of the digital world.

Oct 7, 2010

Home Music Studio Awesomeness - Virtual Instruments

Home music studio excellence is no longer a matter of money like it has been for so many years. Nowadays, you can produce professional audio right from your laptop, and certainly from any desktop computer, for dirt cheap prices. Boy, I sure wish these prices existed when I was just getting started! But I digress.
Once you have recording software on your computer, you will need a midi keyboard to hook up to a USB port or sound card midi jack. You can get a wide range of midi keyboards from as little as $50. Try Radio Shack or your local music store.
Now let's talk about sounds. I'm sure you're familiar with the typical sounds a computer plays when a midi file is launched. These are computer-y sounding cheesy "instruments" that come built into most sound cards. Let me state right up front that these are NOT the sounds I refer to when I say "virtual instrument." Oh no. What I want you to know about is the host of real-sounding software instruments available to load up on your computer and then play with your midi keyboard. If you can think of an instrument, odds are you can find a virtual version on-line somewhere.
What is the difference between the cheesy sounds on your sound card and the virtual instruments I'm talking about? The major difference is that a virtual instrument can (usually does) sound indistinguishable from the "real" version of the instrument. At least to most people. Try this experiment (for which you won't even need the keyboard). Find a simple midi file on the internet. They are everywhere, just type "midi file" into a search engine and download one for a tune you know. Nursery rhymes work well...just something simple. Double-click that file (midi files have a ".mid" extension) and listen to it play through your soundcard's piano sound.
Now we'll listen to the same midi file played through a free virtual instrument. There are several types of virtual instruments out there, the most popular of which is probably a "VST" (virtual studio technology) file. So we need to download something called a "VST host" from the web. There are several free ones to choose from (yup, type "free VST host" into a search engine). A VST host is just a piece of software that can play VST virtual instruments. Once you have the host program installed, you'll need to attach or "load" an instrument. For this let's use a free VST instrument called "4Front PIano Module" (you guessed it...search engine again;)). Once that is downloaded, all you have to do is load the 4Front Piano from within your VST host program and you're ready to rock. Import the midi file you played earlier on your sound card into the VST host (with the 4Front piano loaded up) and hit "play."
Hopefully you'll notice that the piano sound coming from the virtual instrument, 4Front Piano Module in this case, sounds vastly superior to when you heard it coming from your sound card's factory instrument. And this was just a free instrument! For a few bucks, you can get an even better sounding VST piano to plug into your VST host and play that same midi file.
Want to hear the same notes on a different instrument? Trumpet, maybe? Or violin? Download some trumpet and violin VST instruments and try those in your host program. You can play that same midi file through any midi instrument you can find! The possibilities are just about endless.
Eventually you'll learn to create your own midi files (another article I'm afraid) to play back through a virtual instrument, and then mix that instrument in with actual audio files you've recorded to create a rich ensemble. Use virtual bass guitar and virtual drums along with real electric guitar and real vocals to turn yourself into a rock band. Are you starting to see how this can be life-changing if you are a musician?
If you don't already have a home music studio, this can be your start. If you do have one but didn't know about virtual instruments, this will take your productions to a whole new level. There is not reason (at least no monetary reason, since the example here used only free stuff) to give this a try right now! You'll be amazed and inspired. I know I was.
Learn to record and produce professional-sounding audio from home. Home music recording or voiceover recording, fun and short video tutorials show you how. We'll show you how to start with a $0-$5 budget, and then how to improve your studio for a few dollars at a time as your knowledge and confidence increase. 

Music: 10 Things I Learnt From Starting a Music Group

The fact that you sing well or are gifted at something does not mean that doors of opportunity are going to open automatically for you. You have an opportunity here, to learn from my personal experience how to overcome challenges that talented people face in breaking through to the next level. What starts out as a hobby or a pastime can evolve into a big thing and lead to the discovery of a greater purpose. This article gives talented ly musicians, hope and practical insights. I am a singer songwriter, producer and pioneer of a music group.
I share ten lessons which are helpful, if you are interested in taking your music to the next level:
  1. You can start where you are with what you have. I started singing a capella (music without instruments) at weddings, parties, churches and conferences with four of my friends who had a similar passion. The biggest limitation for most artistes in our country was and still is, musical instruments for live shows. We used our creativity in order to get round this problem.
  2. The power of vision will sustain you in the long - term. What started out as a bunch of friends hanging out with nothing else but good voices and a passion for music, turned out to be a soulful a capella quintet. We have been in the music industry for at least a decade and officially released three musical albums and have featured in many live concerts.
  3. You need to manage group dynamics if you work with other people. In order to remain in the game. When personnel left the group, we had a policy of finding replacements.
  4. You need to master and perfect your delivery before you aspire for the next level. We sang for a number of years before we started doing studio recordings. All along we had been getting our name known and getting our voices and style of music perfected.
  5. Partnerships are important if you are going to do anything meaningful. We realized our need for exposure so we would partner with other musicians who had more experience and larger audiences and did concerts together. Each time we recorded an album we had a mentor, we had a financer and we had songwriters contributing to our albums.
  6. A good name that means something to you and your fans is a good place to start. We gave the group a name which when translated from its Hebrew origin means a place of permanent praise. This is in line with our aspiration of singing praise music that glorifies God..
  7. Choosing a style that you are comfortable with, ensures that you do a good job and enjoy yourself in the process. You may not want to be tied down to a particular style. What we did was to fuse local styles of music with jazz, soul, church music influences whilst maintaining our trade - mark four - part harmony sung in without instruments or accompanied by instruments.
  8. Dedication is necessary if you are going to succeed. I know of many people who have abundant talent but are not willing to do what is required to nurture that talent and explore its full potential. I learnt that people whose excellence goes unrecorded remain ordinary.
  9. You will not be remembered if you do not record. It does not matter how good you are. No-one will remember that you had a great voice or musical ability many years later if you do not have a recording.Your idea must cease to be an idea and take on its shape and form as it is implemented.
  10. You have the potential to become a strong brand or household name. When you become serious, you will be taken seriously. We are no longer just a singing group but a brand which evokes positive emotions in gospel music lovers in my home country.
Fitzgerald Mujuru is an author motivational speaker, marketing consultant and musician. He is the author of soon to be published book, "Power Thought For Today" motivational series. He is the pioneer of Jeduthun Music which has been recording and doing live shows in the last ten years. You can visit him onhttp://powerthought4today.wordpress.com

Michael In Foreverland - A New Tribute Book on Michael Jackson's World

These three words: Michael In Foreverland - are all over the Google and Yahoo Search Engines. A story about Michael Jackson's extraordinary life. A life full of adventures and wonderment.
Michael Jackson was a True Humanitarian who truly cared about Planet Earth, the Animals and Children. He envisioned his World to be as he created his World and shared it with only those who BELIEVED!!
Michael Jackson's Earth Song was like the Avatar movie, where the Navi people were very sad when their Home Tree was destroyed. They were brave and fought to the very end. Even the Animals fought back to save their land.
If we all saw the World through Michael's eyes - we would see Beauty all around. A World of Peace, Love and Harmony. Michael loved to laugh and smile. He was curious about the World around him and had a childlike enthusiasm for life that most of us lose when we grow up into Adulthood. He loved Disneyland, for his world was much the same.
Michael's closest friends that stood by him and who believed in him were Elizabeth Taylor, Brooke Shields and Lisa Marie Presley.
In Michael In Foreverland, you will take a journey into Michael's World and get a glimpse of his Genius Mind. Michael believed in legends and fairytales. He loved to read books and to watch old classic movies with Humprey Bogart.
And although Michael Jackson is no longer with us, he will live in our hearts forever. Michael will stay young forever and live forever in "Michael In Foreverland." The World is a better place because of the contributions that he made through his songs.

Oct 5, 2010

Top Ten Rock Love Songs

Are you looking for some rock ballads for your wedding? Or maybe just a romantic night with your special loved one? Well I have found some love rock songs and ballads. I know that not everyone likes that mushy country and r&b music. I like to hear the guitar riffs and feel the emotion of the music. Here is my list of great rock love songs and ballads.
1. More Than Words by Extreme: This song was released in 1991, this is the epitome of stating that you need to show how much you love someone not just say it. After all, actions speak louder than words.
2. Open Arms by Journey: Released in 1982, this song is about couples reconciling and going into "open arms". Putting it all aside to try and work things out because you want to be together.
3. Take My Breath Away by Berlin: Mostly recognized from the movie, Top Gun, this song just literally states that love can take your breath away. Love is that powerful.
4. Angel by Aerosmith: This song is about a guy realizing that a girl is his angel and he needs her to come save him. He needs her in his life. This song was released in 1988.
5. Your Body Is A Wonderland by John Mayer: Catchy tune that says this guy respects his girl and her body. He wants to explore it more.
6. Your Guardian Angel by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus: Really awesome and powerful ballad that says I will always be there and never let you fall. This is the ultimate devotion. This song always makes me cry. It was released in 2006.
7. Can't Fight This Feeling by Reo Speedwagon: This is the best song for best friends who have become lovers. The guy decides to tell the girl that he can't fight his feelings anymore.
8. When I Look Into Your Eyes by Firehouse: The eyes are the pathway into your soul. They let the love in and out. This song was released in 1992.
9. Nothing Else Matters by Metallica: This song is about saying that even when you are far apart, you can still be close together because nothing else matters.
10. I Don't Want To Miss A Thing by Aerosmith: From the movie, Armageddon, starring Steven Tyler's daughter, Liv Tyler. This song teaches us to make every moment count and to make sure we let our loved ones know that we care. We don't want to miss valuable time with them.
This is my list of rock love songs and ballads. Hope you enjoy.
Rock on and let the music flow. I love rock music and it is all I listen to. Love can be found in all types of music.