Oct 4, 2010

Making Money, Making Music

Music, money and fame! That is the goal of nearly every musician. 'Making money, making music' is a kind of dream to most aspiring musicians. Most musicians possess the 'music' part quite inherently. However, at some point of time in the life of every musician, they look forward to making money with their music.
Some would consider a 'formal' career made in the music industry while others would take it in any way they can get it. Once a person finds something he/she enjoys doing, he/she inevitably wants to make money by exploiting that talent.
The activity hardly becomes a job and more of a game. Music and money go hand in hand which most musicians are not aware of.
Musicians seem to be some special breed. They would do anything to keep away from the serious business world. Any young musician believes that he/she would join some music band, write a few songs and obtain a free recording contract.
But, one does not need to be a rockstar or even a superstar to make money from music. Creating small jingles for businesses or advertisements is an excellent option for making money from music.
Then why the stigma? That's the kind of lifestyle thrown at musicians from music videos. Any self-sufficient musician who is passionate about his/her craft would always be researching about their contemporaries or some other popular artists.
These budding musicians are well aware about what is going on in the music arena. This is a very important to be kept in mind if a person is eager to make money by making music.
Unfortunately this is the situation in which all independent musicians are exposed to.
The most depressing part is that there are some great independent musicians who lose their wish to play music at all if they fail to get any recording contract. 
This is just not the end.
In reality real money could be made by the musician at times he/she steps out of the realm of the recording contract. By making small jingles for business organizations or some advertisement, these budding musicians can earn a lot.
Freelancing makes a lot of money than having a fixed job, especially at the time of looking for a job.

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